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A few facts about us

We are not just English language courses, but a whole theater
Your costumes
Our theater is fully equipped with costumes, which allows you to put on plays and performances on any subject.
Forget about learning the words and rules from the textbook, all the material is learned naturally during conversational exercises.
Conversational practice
100% conversational practice. You will constantly communicate, practice pronunciation and other skills, including with native speakers.
Simple grammar. You will be able to write basic sentences using simple and familiar words.
Classes are held in the form of games. We often hold quests, holidays with costumed performances and fun competitions.
In addition to all the advantages, we have one golden rule - perform all tasks!

Lingua Vaudeville

Since 2010, our organization provides an opportunity for children and adolescents to show and expand their talent. The programs express education, art, diversity of talent and life skills. Also in summer there is an English camp, which is located in a picturesque village.

Actors aged 6-18 perform plays and musicals. The Youth Development Theater encourages creativity, confidence and teamwork of children.

Creativity requires courage

Performing in front of a live audience creates confidence, inspires creativity and encourages teamwork regardless of age, but for some young people, such creativity can plant seeds that will grow into a lifelong passion. Whether it’s a healthy hobby or the beginning of a great career, children’s theater always exists in their hearts and minds.

This fantastic organization conveys the power of the spectacle to small communities across the country and abroad with its unique touring theater program.

Performances such as «Surprise Wedding» aim to create a modern feel to the classic plots, to unite children and adults and present them to the general public and school groups.

Puppet theater

Dolls provide an opportunity for dramatic play, promote expressive language, emotional expression and social development.

Putting dolls in the hands of children, or rather in the hands of children, can create useful opportunities for learning in many areas of development. Dolls are toys that help maintain oral and communication skills, social / emotional development, and help children learn and understand the world around them through safe, imaginative play. For many children, this opens up a new world of communication that supports the acquisition of language skills. Children learn to talk and formulate their thoughts and words to best convey their message. One of the very effective ways to develop children’s language skills with dolls is a role play for modeling oral language. This can mean modeling the correct sentence structure or introducing a new dictionary into the language.

The stage text of a modern dramatic performance is often an alloy of elements of different arts: painting, sculpture, music, recitation, choreography, pantomime, free sculpture, vocals, instrumental art.

Choreography in the theater

Plastic, rhythmic education and choreographic skills are among the main elements of the system of professional training of the actor. The main task of our theater is the education of a harmoniously developed body of the actor, which includes such components as free movement and coordination, musicality and rhythm, flexibility and plasticity, visual and muscular memory, emotional and dance expression .

Summer camp in the village.

Cheerful and cheerful summer time outdoors among beautiful flowers near the forest… Breathing fresh fresh air listening to birds singing early in the morning… Spending free time relaxing with entertainment and improving English… Tasting national food and spring water… All this is a real pleasure and consolation !

Time for entertainment — from June 15 to August 15. Only one group — 10 children.

2 apt, 7A house, Elisavetinskaya str., Odessa city
from 10:00 to 18:00
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